New Venture!

2019 has brought new additions to Brianna Smith Photography, venturing into the world of boudoir!

Let me tell you, initially I would've never thought I would be interested, much less passionate about this style of photography. As I decided to take a leap and try something new I discovered myself swiftly becoming passionate about seeing a woman's confidence absolutely soar! As a woman, we are always so critical of ourselves, we want to be thinner, prettier, more fit. There is always voices in our heads telling us were not enough.

These glamour sessions are all about loving yourself right where you are, today. Whether your a mom struggling to love your post partum body, celebrating a body transformation, overcoming a difficult divorce, or the declaring victory over mental-illness, these sessions allow you to match your beauty on the inside with how beautiful you truly are on the outside. Empower yourself, love yourself, and watch your confidence transform. I LOVE cheering you on, believing in you, and lifting you up as you see your images and you say " I can't believe that's me"


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