Spectacular Sunflowers!

I've always been mesmerized by Sunflowers but before this year never actually seen a large one up close until this YEAR! They are delicate, fragile, stunning, and should be handled with the upmost care.

I've been blessed this year to have access to one of the most gorgeous fields I've ever seen. The sun setting behind the field, the outline of the mountains in the background, and the sky speaking to my soul! These sessions are truly perfect for anyone and any occasion. Family, Children, maternity, senior, baby milestone, and the list goes on. I've truly enjoyed every second I've spent thus far and look forward to capturing many more families through my lens in the weeks to come! If you have interest in taking part of these Sunflower sessions please feel free to email me!


Contact me: 970-381-5639 or brianna.smith08@gmail.com

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